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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fuck the boy: my heart is broken

Hi lovely ladies,

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and advice on what to wear on my date. Also, I wanna say to my new followers: thanks for following! I follow you back and I will read your blog with much anticipation!

Well, the sad news: the date is off. He called me today and said he wasn't going to make it. I'm a mess now. I don't understand WHY. I'm so sad, I really thought this was it. We were hanging out for such a long time, we shared some romantic moments already and I was so looking forward to it. He is leaving in six days, and he is totally busy and stuff. He said he was sorry but I was crying my eyes out. I really thought he was it, the guy.

Maybe you guys think, what's the problem? Go on another date. Well, that's not possible. He is going on a mission with the army for 5 to 6 months. Maybe I won't see him ever again. I am so heart broken. There is nothing that can cheer me up. I was looking forward to posting the most precious pics on my blog, but that's out of the picture as well. I'm so alone right now. So sad.


xx Romy

P.S.: AND IT'S FUCKING FRIDAY THE 13th. Thanks bad luck.


  1. oohh nooooon!! maybe because he'll go to a summer school! poor u!
    fighting, go out with ur friends to change ur mind!

  2. Love your honesty but I am so sorry your heart is broken :(

    i am following your blog and I hope to see that things improve!
    You can have a look at mine and follow if u like!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Just wanted to edit that comment not delete it.. but what I was saying was UGH i'm having boy problems too and it sucks when you get attached and then ditched..

  5. Oh, so sorry to hear that, but you know what? "the ending of a relationship is always a beginning of a new one!" cheer up!

  6. great blog! I'm a new follower =)

  7. Hey,

    please smile!

    I've just nominated you for a blog award :)

    Check out my blog for more info,


    HH xx

  8. Aw :( Jeetje joh meis, wat ontzettend rot! En wat een eikel. Ik weet dat het leven nu misschien niet allemaal zo vrolijk is voor je, maar geloof me, ooit komt het goed (tsja, dit advies had je natuurlijk al verwacht, maar het is wel waar!)

    Het is moeilijk, moeilijk om het te verwerken en je weer open te stellen voor iemand anders, en daar gaat tijd overheen. In sommige gevallen veel tijd. Maar tijd heelt alle wonden. Trust me.

    Liefs en dikke knuf!
    Lekker veel bloggen nu, dat helpt!


  9. Thanks for your nice comment and for following my blog! I`m already following you :)

    I`m sorry to hear about your date, I hope you feel better :)

    X Camilla

  10. Don't worry about him dear! You seem genuine and lovely and your blog is just perfect! I saw your blog through a nadia's blog and fell in love with it! I am looking for new blogs to follow, and if you are interested in doing a following back leave a comment :3 Mine's


  11. so sorry to know that :(((
    don't worry lovely

  12. Thanks for your nice comment and for following my blog! I`m following you :)I`m sorry to hear about that. :/

    X Maya

  13. Hey maybe that is the reason why he cancelled. Why start something if he is going away for so long? It it was good it would be this much harder for him over there. Think about it.

  14. Well it's great that you have cried already cause now you are gonna find reasons to smile! Think of him as a chapter in your life that has closed. There will be more chapters and better stories written, trust me!

  15. It's too bad.
    I agree with your title.

  16. Sad to hear that lovely. Don't worry everything always works out in the end :)

  17. aww I wish you all the best!

  18. Cheer up girl. There's plenty of fish out there. Why not go out, meet new ones. Have some fun with friends! Things will happen God has planned for you to have, maybe not the way you wanted but the way He thinks works MUCH BETTER ^__^

    I hope that helps you abit.

  19. There are plenty of guys out there for you. I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason.
    Maybe there is someone out there still waiting for a girl like you. Someone whom you will truly be happy with. (:

    Cheer up girl, time is your friend. (trust me)


  20. Hey hun, thankyou so much for your comment on my blog. <3

    It is so hard when you know you like someone & they don't feel the same back, but trust me when I say, the right guy will come along & you'll wonder why you wasted all your tears on the wrong ones. <3

    Thinking of you. xx


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