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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Filippa K 2012

Hi lovies!

I'm sorry! I haven't been posting a lot! I really need to keep on writing 'cause really, this is a blog! Haha, I am really sorry! 

But, for now: the new Filippa K collection! It's summery, it's fresh, it's light, it's easy to wear, it's comfortable, which all means: I LOVE IT.

I didn't do much lately, I'm so busy with school stuff and working and sleeping. I'm really exhausted. But tomorrow, I have a day off, so I'm just gonna chill in my house and read a book or so. 

What have you been upto? Lot's of exciting stuff going on? Tell me 'bout it!

For now, what do you think of the new Filippa K collection (2012) ?? TELL ME!

Thanks to all my new followers, I will follow back!

xx Romy