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Sunday, February 26, 2012

HENGEL AT A BITCH: losing my virginity

Finally, I am entering the world of bloggers. I'm not familiar with this world, but the least I can say is that I compare this world with the world of people who play LARP. Just a random sentence, no worries.

Growing up in a small town in the Netherlands, life's a bitch. Yes, I can say that. Yes, you can say that as well. The fact that I'm living on my own now, doesn't make it any better. Taking care of yourself requires a lot of work. Cooking, cleaning, doing your own laundry and showering: you know the feeling. 

So from now on, I am starting to write little pieces of history. That sounds nice actually. I'm not here to go all emotional and stuff, I'm just here to write and share my thoughts. 

See you later, alligator. X

P.S.: I just added 
a photo of some 

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  1. I have been to the Netherlands a few times, usually stuck in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in transit but I have managed to see the country. All the best with the blogging, it looks good.



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