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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion updates summer 2012

Hi darlings!

I would love to share a few items with you which are on sale in the summer in stores of some of my favorite labels. Some items are absolutely stunning. 

Let's start with 2 items from the new summer collection 2012 by H&M:

Gold dress with straps

My favourite swimwear piece!

The gold dress is stunning. Love the colour of the straps as well, it makes a good contrast with the gold of the dress. Love the shape, and the way it lifts your breasts. Good choice, I would love to own this one!

My favourite swimwear item from the H&M summer 2012 collection is this soft orange bikini. The colour is real summery, I also like the straps on this item. Do you like it?

Most of the time, Zara isn't the right shop for me. I don't know, I think it is all really ''business women orientated'' but maybe I'm just not looking at the right things. But here are 2 of my absolute favourite looks from the spring - summer collection 2012:

White and taupe

I especially like the skirt with the taupe sweater. Really sophisticated, really pretty. The coat is amazing as well. So posh and stylish!

Forever 21
In Holland, where I live, there is no Forever 21 store, which I am really mad about. So if I want to go there, I need to go to Belgium. Well yeah, that sucks really bad! But I found three dresses which I extremely love, especially the one on the left. What do you think? Take a look and let me know:)

Summer dresses 2012


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  3. SOOO obsessed with the orange bikini from H&M you featured here! The straps are super sexy...I need to find this so I'm ready when the sun comes! :-)
    Just found your blog!
    XO - Marion

  4. really nice post love your blog...newest follower :)x

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  5. I love the gold dress from h&m - good find!

  6. I absolutely love that gold dress with the straps. It is so elegant and beautiful. Loving your blog - following you! :)

  7. thanks for infomation (:

  8. love the pics, the zara outfits are gorgeous!
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  9. oh i love that orange gold bikini

  10. Die jurkjes zijn leuk, net als je blog! En bedankt voor je leuke reactie! Liefs, Roos


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